Product Care


Vinyl at times can be temperamental. Please keep in mind that vinyl should always be cleaned by hand washing if ever in doubt.  Vinyl applied to drinkware and like items should never be put in the dishwasher. 

Vinyl/Screen print transfers applied to fabric such as tshirts, aprons, bags etc must be washed on a cold wash or hand washed with mild detergents. Vinyl should never have heat applied including when ironing - DO NOT IRON OVER THE VINYL.  Do not ever try and dry items in the dryer - this will affect the adhesive and the vinyl may lift due to the heat.

Wear and tear is not considered a manufacturing fault. Once tags are removed it is the customers responsibility to care for their garments. Any items which have been misused, damaged, mistreated, roughly handled or if you don't follow the care instructions are not eligible for a refund.

Santa sacks and stockings are spot clean only.  I highly suggest these are not put through the washing machine.


I have supplier that laser cut the acrylic used to make the earrings.  Please note some imperfections may occur when cutting. As a seller I do my best to ensure everything is as it should be before posting out orders. The glue used to attach the earring posts is the strongest available. I personally have tested the glueing methods for over a year now and I am confident they are made for the long term. Please take care when removing backs from the earrings cards as well as during use. The smaller the earring size the smaller backs will be and therefore there is less glue area available to adhere, so extra caution may be required with smaller earrings.



Please take care when handling/using the keyrings - they are strong but don't like to be thrown around. If your acrylic become dirty, you can use products such as rubbing alcohol or baby wipes to clean.  Do not ever use any other cleaning products on them as they may scratch.

Keep in mind that rose gold key rings may tarnish overtime as they are made from an iron-based product. Ensure your keyring is left in a cool, dry environment and kept out of the sun. Clean appropriately with 'brasso' if key ring becomes tarnished.


Trolley Tokens:

Please handle your trolley tokens with care and do not attempt to force them into trolleys, or in an up/down motion. Do not add pressure or push the token into the slot this can cause it to break with hard pressure. If the token isn’t being welcomed and working in a smooth manner please try another trolley. All trolleys are different and some may be easier than others.