DIY Vinyl Decals

How to apply a vinyl decal...


Step one - Surface preparation

Dirt and dust particles will cause vinyl lettering to bubble and not to stick properly.

  • Clean the destination surface to remove any dirt and oils.
  • Dry surface thoroughly.

Step Two - Vinyl decal preparation

The vinyl decal may have pulled away from the transfer tape during shipping. This action will adhere the vinyl decal to the transfer tape

  • Place the product (clear side up) on a smooth flat surface such as a table or resting on a towel
  • Take a squeegee and rub firmly across the entire decal. Start from the centre and work out to the edges.  You can also use your fingers – I do on wine glasses

Note: If you do not have a squeegee use your fingertips or the sharp edge of a credit card, plastic ruler or similar object.

Step Three - Position the vinyl decal

  • Place the decal on the destination surface.
  • Level and centre the decal. Pay special attention to level and centre the vinyl decal itself and not the backing paper/transfer tape.

Step Four - Remove the backing paper

  • Peel the backing paper away from the DECAL slowly.  At an angle, slowly peel away the backing paper underneath without touching the sticky vinyl.

Note: The vinyl decal should stay adhered to the clear transfer tape. If it starts to separate, help it stay together.

  • Slowly roll the sticky vinyl and transfer tape onto the destination surface.  I like to start in the middle and work my way out however any way would work.

Note: Go very slow and work out any air bubbles with a credit card or your fingers as you go.

Step Five - Secure the vinyl decal to the surface

  • Rub the transfer tape a few times.  You can also choose to keep the transfer tape on for a few hours however this is not necessary.

Step Six - Finish!

  • Gently peel away the transfer tape starting from one corner pulling down at a tight angle across the vinyl decal.  Be patient and go slow.  There is no rush.  Let the vinyl set for 3 days before using.  Please note that vinyl labels are not dishwasher safe (cold hand wash only).